Meet The Chef: a mini-series dedicated to Belgian gastronomy

Source: Lightspeed press info

05 novembre 2019

For the second year in a row, the leading POS supplier on the market—Lightspeed—is proud to present its gourmet restaurant campaign with the second season of Meet The Chef—a four-episode mini-series featuring renowned chefs.

While the first season featured Dutch chefs Menno Post (Restaurant Olivijn), Luc Kusters (QO), Richard van Oostenbrugge (212), Peter Gast (Graphite), Lars Scharp (Lars Amsterdam) and Thijs Meliefste (Meliefste), the second season is dedicated to Belgian gastronomy and puts four renowned chefs in the spotlight: Frédéric Chabbert (Dôme), Benoît Neusy (L’Impératif), Sam Van Houcke (Maste) and Marcelo Ballardin (Oak)

Belgian gastronomy

The aim of this series is to tell the unique story of Belgian’s finest in a visually powerful way, and to show the general public the dedication behind the desire for perfection that drives each chef. From the kitchen
and the smallest details that make up the restaurant, to the perfect choice of napkins or ingredients, and a high-flying customer experience—nothing is left to chance, everything is executed to perfection.

Belgium has a lot to offer in the culinary field, and the four episodes give an exclusive insight into the lives of chefs who work at
the highest level. Each episode is different and emphasizes the personality, passion
and motivation of the leaders. They all have a different vision and approach, but they share one thing in common: their passion for cooking and their quest for excellence.

Lightspeed Restaurant

Lightspeed Restaurant was born from a desire to support restaurateurs by offering them all the technological solutions that allow them to optimize every aspect of their management and achieve excellence, at all levels.

With this new campaign, Lightspeed
is positioning itself as the ultimate technological solution that contributes to the success of the world’s best chefs and allows it to meet the essential requirements of excellence.

For these restaurants, the technology they use must measure up to the expertise of the chefs, which is why more than 1000 gourmet restaurants* chose Lightspeed in Belgium.

Check the video here. 

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